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The distinctive “Design & Engineering” capabilities developed by ALUPLEX are one of its main strengths. It is the key controlling factor of focus in the overall concept of the facade which is completely engineered by our in-house team of designers and engineers who, along with our manufacturing and erection engineers, aid the architects and customers in realising their concepts. We have several computer aided drawing and finite element analysis workstations operated by our design team, who have been internationally exposed by our global associates in Australia, China, England, Italy, Thailand and the Middle East.

Our team is continually updated on the latest tools, technologies, and certifications in the industry to ensure that our clients are provided with the best quality products and services.

Some important training areas are:

  • Design Principles
  • Modes of Failure
  • Design Loads
  • Thermal Loads
  • Tolerances and Movement
  • Deflection Criteria
  • Failure Stresses
  • Buckling Modes
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Creep Movement
  • LEED / Thermal Coefficients and U values
  • LEED/ Glass Emissivity

Reliable site management

ALUPLEX has the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in order to meet the requirements of any particular project.

Our team will look at the project as it is a priority endeavour, undertaken to achieve its particular aim, with a carefully defined set of activities that use resources (money, people, materials, energy, space provisions, communication, etc) to meet its pre-defined objectives. Project management knowledge and practices are best described in terms of their component processes which we maintain and follow.

ALUPLEX has a large team of well-experienced and qualified project managers and designers to ensure that the façade meets the aesthetic requirements of the architects while ensuring technical compliance with the specification and providing a high quality product which improves the appearance of the building, increases its durability, and provides valuable insulation properties.

ALUPLEX has more than 25 years of practical experience in Project Management and a strong financial Backing that provide its customers with the guarantee for successful completion of every project. A substantial labour force and state-of-the-art production facilities is the solid base for the execution of the most technically demanding projects of any size all over India.


All our facade systems are tested for air permeability, water tightness, structural performance and seismic loading. Furthermore, solutions to problems can be tried and retried with relative efficiency. As a standard, we have testing authorities from the region of the project, for example CSIRO or CWCT, come and witness and certify testing as per clients requirements.

Air Permeability

The test is performed to evaluate the quantity of air flowing through the facade. To obtain this, the test chamber is pressurized (or depressurized) by means of a ventilator, and the air flow is measured with an airflow meter.

Water Tightness

The test is performed to evaluate the water tightness of the facade. This test consists of spraying water on the surface of the sample, whilst an internal depression is applied.

Wind Resistance
(Dynamic and Static)

Wind resistance is a structural performance test on the curtain wall. This test consists of applying both positive and negative pressure on the sample to test the most significant elements and measure their relative displacements and stresses.

Seismic Loading

Seismic loads are applied on the facades in order to simulate earthquakes, with relative accelerations and displacements at each floor height.

Quality Assurance

The QA/QC department has trained Internal Auditors to perform scheduled audits at each department and project to ensure all activities are in accordance with the specific quality system procedures, working instructions and proper records.

Qualified QC Engineers perform Quality Control Inspections of all incoming materials, outgoing materials & site installation activities in compliance with established specifications & all relevant international standards.

The Management is committed to review the achievement and suitability of established Quality Objectives & Systems on a regular basis; where necessary, suitable and effective improvement plans are developed for better performance