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The Unitised Curtain Wall system is a facade system for high-grade buildings. Itconsists of the fabrication of different components and materials into a whole panel spanning one or more storeys on the shop-floor itself, before it istransported to the construction site for installation/erection. With theintegrated advantages of factory assembly, the use of standardised technology along with a highly shortened construction period, it has become the mostpopular facade system today.


  • The panels are assembled in the factory in standardised units, with a high degree of accuracy and precision.
  • It allows better and more effective control of the construction schedule.
  • Highly shortened building construction period, since panels can be installed simultaneously with construction of civil work.
  • Uses gaskets for sealing between units, allowing for inter-unit displacement due to thermal expansion as well as sway of the main structure (applicable to high-rise buildings).
  • Discards the necessity of on-site application of sealant, thus making installation independent of weather conditions.
  • Adopts a pressure equalisation principle along with an innovative drainage system, creating excellent resistance to water leakage and air penetration.