Air permeability, water tightness, structural performance, and seismic loading are all tested in all of our facade systems. Furthermore, problem solutions can be tried and retried with relative efficiency. As a standard, we have testing authorities from the project’s region, such as CSIRO or CWCT, come and witness and certify testing in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Permeability of the air

The test was carried out to determine the amount of air flowing through the facade. To achieve this, a ventilator is used to pressurize (or depressurize) the test chamber, and the airflow is measured with an airflow meter.

Tightness of water

The test was carried out to determine the water tightness of the facade. This test involves spraying water on the surface of the sample while applying an internal depression.

Wind Deflection

Wind resistance is a curtain wall structural performance test. This test involves applying both positive and negative pressure to the sample in order to test the most important elements and measure their relative displacements and stresses.

Seismic load

To simulate earthquakes, seismic loads are applied to the facades, with relative accelerations and displacements at each floor height.