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Design & Engineering

Design is the most critical part of the project and shall be assigned to a Design Manager under the guidance of the Design Director who then interacts with the Project Manager (PM)/Sales Department/ Technical Department (Structural Engineering)/ Survey Team


Our Team will be equipped with the latest design equipment / software:

  • Auto CAD 2014 for Drafting / Drawings
  • CAD 3D Max for Complicated Structures
  • Stad Pro for Structural Calculations
  • Sketch-up to Draw a Concept Ideas
  • Nirvana for Glass optimization & wastage calculations
  • Fast cut for ACP optimization & wastage calculations
  • Also wi-fi internet access so that they are in constant touch with our Central Design Office and the Architect.

Following are the Engineering Softwares used :

  • STAAD Pro

       Software for Linear Structual Analysis of Beams,and  Plates

  • SAP Non Linear

       Software for Non Linear Iterative Structual  Analysis with Dynamic                 Loading

  • Straus 7

       Software for Non Linear Finite Element Analysis of Plates and Shells             and Complex Structures

Following are the Drafting Softwares used:

  • AutoCAD

     oftware for 2D Drafting

  • Sketchup

      Software for Coneptual 3D Drawings

  • Revit

      Software for 3D BIM Drafting (if necessary)