ICICI Bank, Hyderabad

ICICI Bank, Gachibowliis India’s Largest Completed Unitised Glazing Project with 11000+ Unitised Panels in India for a Contract Amount of Indian Rs.93.00 Crores++.
The Glass was imported from Viracon, USA having a Procurement Lead Time of over 6 months wherein the Glass Sizes were ordered prior to construction at the basement level and it was a Planned Facade Project using Halfen Channels during slab casting.
2000+ Unitsed panels were delivered to the site Prior to Site Readiness and installation commenced with only three slabs handed over to ALUPLEX. The average installation rate was at 40panels per day and on few occasions the count exceeded 100 Panels per day.
There were also large Complex Scope of Works with respect to Glass False Ceiling (3000Sq.mts.) + ACP Cladding (21000Sq.mtrs) + Glass Railing (7 Kilometers+) and Perforated Podium Windows (2000Sq.mtrs+), wherein all these items were integrated into the fast track Project Completion Schedule and the entire glass for these areas was developed for a Gold Colour from Emirates Glass, Dubai.

Project Team

Name of Project : ICICI Bank, Hyderabad

Client : ICICI Bank

Location  : Hyderabad

Architect/Consultant : Architect Hafeez Contractor / Arup Façade Engineering Consultant