OMKAR 1973 – T1/T2, Mumbai

India’s most Luxurious Project designed by Foster+Partners, UK of 265m + height at 3.75kPa incorporating Curved Unitised Glazing, Curved Unitised Glazed Balustrades, Fire Resistant Triangular Column Cladding and other works. The curved geometry of the building required the use of precision aluminium bending and fabrication constructed to the tolerance of just 1mm. The Curved Glasses were especially imported which were also curved to minimal tolerances in order to achieve the matching geometry for bonding with curved aluminium framework using methods that have never been done before in India.

Project Team

Name of Project : OMKAR 1973 – T1/T2, Mumbai

Client : Omkar Realtors & Developers

Location: Mumbai

Architect/Consultant : Architect Foster + Partners
Inhabit, Dubai/ BES Consultants, Mumbai