LODHA The Park, Mumbai

Scope of Work :
Punch Window, Full Height Windows, Curtain Wall, Sliding Door, Expanded Mesh Screen, Crown – Beacon Aluminium Sunshades, Crown – Beacon Light Box, Crown Curtain Wall, Crown Stair Glass Enclosure, Aluminum Tip for RC Chajja, Aluminum Railing, Steel Railings,  Passive Ventilator.

Project Summary :
Two 265m+ Towers at 4.0kPa with High End Windows and Unitised Glazing Systems incorporating Passive Ventilators that allows for Ventilation of the Façade without opening the Window, particularly useful at higher floors during strong winds.  The Project also incorporates Aluminium Expanded Mesh, and a Crown Beacon Light Box from Level 75 to Level 80 with Aluminium Sunshades and Fins. The Project is designed by WOHA Architects, Singapore and BES Consultants

Project Team

Name of Project : LODHA The Park, Mumbai

Client : Lodha

Location: Mumbai

Architect/Consultant : WOHA Architects Pte. Ltd./ BES Façade Consultant